I have three jobs – a mother, a homemaker and a professional employee. I am raising young children while also running a household and having a full time job which involves international travel. I am not just stretched for time, I am desperate for it. Integral Concierge Services have changed my life style irreversibly. I used to be a-rushed-off-my-feet-mother who terminally felt guilty about not having time for my family. Now, my household staff is taken care of, from cleaners to caterers, with excellent introductions delivered time and time again. My children play sports, learn musical instruments and foreign languages, with excellent highly skilled tutors who keep their appointments. My social events are planned to perfection. No painful time-consuming interviews, no phone calls with promises of a call back that never arrive, no chasing. Now all and every arrangement is made with one single phone call – to give assignment to my, now irreplaceable, Integral Concierge. Previously, I enjoyed staying at the hotels with highly skilled “in-the-know” staff who organised my life for blissful couple of weeks. Now I get it at home, every day, unfailing. I recommend it wholeheartedly. One piece of cautious advice – beware, it is addictive!

Tanya, Esher

I have known Integral Concierge since inception of their business and have used their services consistently, with almost monthly enquiries ranging from household hires and construction to complex lifestyle socials. Whichever is the enquiry, the company’s staff have proved to be consistently considerate, efficient and invariably in-the-know. The company understand differences in cultural heritage, personalities and expectations. Service is efficient and sub-contractors are checked, tightly controlled and briefed before they arrive at my doorstep. Many of their customers have now become loyal friends, which is the testament in itself. Highly recommended.

Tatyana, Cobham